Onboarding Military Assault Command Operations


Your orders are to commence battle drills, where the MACos will board a transport vessel and overtake the bridge. Using the shuttle, inject the MACos/boarding party onto a ship, and extract when required.

TSN Canada is part of a partnership of 30 USFP species that works together to discourage and stop terrorist groups from smuggling weapons, unlawful cargo and drugs. Operation code name "ARTEMIS" will now be extended to the crew of the Hopper. Executive officer Cdr. Fulfer will be overseeing the readiness of the Military Assault Command Operations (MACo) team onboard, while star bases continue scanning open space, and the TSN Oshawa continues their investigation.

14 May 2019
TSN Hopper
First Officer’s Report

TSN Command trusted me with a training readiness mission for our Military Assault Command Operations. Our training was conducted with several new recruits, who rose to the occasion. We completed two successful runs. The first trial was successful in having the team take over the bridge, and the second trial successfully extracted them.

More training is likely needed, as we lost two fighter pilot aircraft during the training (one per trial), though the pilot was able to eject before the destruction of their craft in each case.

MACo training crew
CAG: Cdr. Katy Fulfer
Pilots: Recruit Markus, Recruit Richard, Recruit Zack

Bridge crew
Helm/Engineering: RAdm. Dave Trinh
Science/Weapons: Cmdre. Amanda Vanderzanden
Communications: Cdr. Katy Fulfer
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