Earthquake Battle Cruiser Field Trial

Patrol and defend the sector with the experimental TSN vessel. Your crew has been temporarily assigned to this classified ship within TSN.

The Earthquake Battle Cruiser class is a prototype, with a vessel this large it cannot operate and sustain warp speed as it has not been configured for high efficiency. The engineers are still troubleshooting and attempting to figure that out. Although it is equipped with a warp drive, it should not be used as it will deplete the ship's energy within a few seconds in the meantime.

A sound strategy of bringing in all the warships to defend this vessel is required in order to be successful. The Communication and Science officer will be key to managing the other warships on this mission. Be sure to review all the armaments onboard and the two side mounted turrets.

25 February 2019
TSN Hopper
First Officer’s Report

The Bridge Crew of the TSN Hopper received a temporary assignment for a field trial aboard an experimental Earthquake Battle Cruiser class vessel, the TSN Katy.

Due to the slow speed of the vessel, we did not patrol a regular pattern but focused on responding to TSN transport ships or stations in distress. With 6 tubes, our ability to perform Omega 3 maneuvers against enemy fleets in rapid succession proved to be an effective tactic. Up-close battle proved less effective.

Supporting ships were deployed to move fast when the TSN Katy could not. Nevertheless, we were often on our own.

We destroyed 1 biomech, 34 Kraliens, 14 Arvonians, and 4 Skaraan vessels.

A secondary field test experimented with warp speeds. 24 torpedos were drained to ensure the TSN Katy could pilot between stations. Confirmed that warp is not effective on Earthquake Battle Cruisers.

The officers exhibited excellent bridge communication skills, which are duly noted here for Cmdre. Vanderzanden's information.

Bridge crew
Captain: Cdr. Katy Fulfer
Helm: A/SLt. Robin Baksh
Engineering: RAdm. Dave Trinh
Weapons: Cdr. Katy Fulfer
Science: Recruit Aki
Communications: RAdm. Dave Trinh
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