Supply and Retrofit TSN Vessels


Your order is to complete several data transfers, retrofit your shield generators and move equipment to star bases in the sector.

Supplies and upgrades to vessels and Deep Space stations are performed on a regular basis. Several runs between USFP and TSN vessels, and Deep Space Stations will be transmitted to your communications officer while on your duty shift.

Today's schedule includes the following:

1. Download and transfer an entire data store. Do not transmit this information wireless as it contains intelligence.

2. Retro fit to increase your vessel's shield capacity.

3. Transfer equipment to Deep Space facilities so their teams can build ordnance faster.


Additional Operation Notes: Rendez-vous with a ship is simple; you simply move within about 500 meters of it. It is advisable your communication officer hails all vessels you come in contact with, Pirates have been known to take over vessels.

TSN Colossus
Captain's Log
15 Feb 19

We received orders from TSN Regional Command Ops to assist with logistical effort in the sector.

In the course of the mission TSN Colossus accomplished rendez-vous with USFP science vessel (designation E23) and acquired the data package. In an effort to protect DS1 TSN Colossus has engaged small Kralien raiding fleet, as well as dealt with local pirate threat. Necessary manufacturing equipment has been delivered to DS2. We returned to DS1 for planned retro-fit of shield systems of TSN Colossus.

These efforts will help to reinforce the sector against potential threat. TSN Colossus stands by for retrofit with Jump Drive technology developed in cooperation with our Ximni allies.
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