Detain Group of Insurgents


Your orders are to detain a group of insurgents operating in a remote location. Advised to discriminate their age, as it is believed the next platoon of combatants are skilled and as young as six years old. There are at least 40 members operating vessels.

Intelligence Report:

TSN verifies more than 7,000 child casualties in current civil unrest.

Insurgent children are being used and abused by, in and for armed conflict currently. These include more than 6,000 children recruited or used by insurgent forces and armed groups to carry out objectives.

There is current pressure on all officers in action to immediately take action to prevent child casualties including by halting indiscriminate or disproportionate attacks, ensure that detained children are treated "primarily as victims," and comply with USFP's law.

General Orders can be complex and at the discretion of the Commanding officer when they encounter civilians, especially in the case of the citizens of USFP.

General Order 33: If a Commanding Officer deems that an individual or group of individuals pose a direct threat to the safety of TSN personnel, USFP citizens, or those under current USFP protection, they may take any actions necessary to safeguard the lives of those threatened. In such cases, the Commanding Officer may use their discretion in deciding whether to use force. However, care should be taken to avoid unnecessary loss of sentient life.

TSN Oshawa
Captain's Log
06 August 18

We received orders from TSN Regional Command Ops to investigate reports of Insurgent activity in the Martial Controlled Area. Intelligence reports have noted that there have been children combatants that have been identified on Terran Insurgency Ships. TSN Command has verified that more than 7000 children casualties have occurred in the current civil unrest in the outer regions of USFP Space. It is expected that this number may grow rapidly as there are reports that the Terran Insurgency has increased its recruiting of children for combat in the operational theater.

In response to these reports it was determined that a new temporary Standard Operating Procedure needed to be implemented by TSN Regional Command Ops. Effective immediately, when involved in an engagement with Terran Insurgency vessels in the Martial Controlled Area, TSN starships shall utilize manual beams, targeting weapons and propulsion systems, with the intention to disable not destroy vessels. Once these systems have been disables only warning shots shall be permitted. If a Terran Insurgency vessel fails to surrender, a risk assessment shall be made on the vessel, if deemed absolutely necessary the Commanding Officer of the TSN starship may choose to destroy the vessel in order to safeguard TSN and USFP Personnel and Property in line with General Order 33.

During our patrol of the Martial Controlled Area the TSN Oshawa encountered multiple Terran Insurgency vessels. We engaged the vessels utilizing the new Standard Operating Procedure to disable instead of destroy vessels. We were successful in detaining crews from four Terran Insurgency vessels, two of which had children combatants. A total of 9 children were detained and transported to DS96 for treatment of injuries and malnutrition, along with debriefing and counseling. Regrettably one Terran Insurgency vessel was destroyed before determining the personnel on board, only a single shot was fire on their propulsion system. It was later determined after an investigation that sensors did not identify a coolant leak on board the Insurgency vessel. As a result of our shot to their propulsion system and the unknown coolant leak a cascading failure occurred, causing their warp core to breach. Engineering reported that the error in the sensors was due to damage that was sustained while traveling through a nebula during our patrol. This is a very unfortunate set of circumstances as we cannot be sure if there were children casualties as a result of this incident.

As the civil unrest continues to heighten in the Martial Controlled Area I am concerned that it may spill over into the other surrounding systems. At this point we are on the path to a civil war. The USFP needs to begin to become actively involved in dealing with this situation as the Terran Stellar Navy cannot make these decisions alone. For if we do I fear that history will not be kind on how it looks upon our actions.
In Omnia Paratus - Ready For All Things

Capt. Tyler DeNobrega
Commanding Officer
TSN Oshawa
3rd Light Division
Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet
United Space Faring Planets
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