Report and protect DS78

Report and protect civilian starbase DS78.

News of asylum seekers on board are being detained and charged without any probable cause. There is much civil unrest on board as residences are protesting their unlawful detainment. The majority of these asylum seekers, who are identifying as refugees from Kralien space are young in age and have off springs with them.

Intelligence has noted insurgents are gathering to launch a rescue mission for these detained asylum seekers.

General Order 9
A Commanding Officer of a USFP vessel or installation, military or auxiliary, may grant political asylum to any individual without first being given express permission to do so by a representative of the USFP government. However, said decision may and can be overturned by a superior officer or representative of the USFP government pending a review of circumstances.

TSN Regional Command Ops Notice

Effective immediately, when involved in an engagement with Terran Insurgency vessels in the Martial Controlled Area, TSN starships shall utilize manual beams, targeting weapons and propulsion systems, with the intention to disable not destroy vessels. Once these systems have been disables only warning shots shall be permitted. If a Terran Insurgency vessel fails to surrender, a risk assessment shall be made on the vessel, if deemed absolutely necessary the Commanding Officer of the TSN starship may choose to destroy the vessel in order to safeguard TSN and USFP Personnel and Property in line with General Order 33.

TSN Intellegence has verified reports of children combatants on Terran Insurgent vessels in the operational theater.

Martial Law is still in effect for the following Systems:
Cerberus System
Promethean System
Volantis System
Including all travel routes in the surrounding areas

TSN Oshawa
Captain's Log
09 September 18

We received orders from TSN Regional Command Ops to investigate reports of unlawful detainment of refugees at DS78 located in the Martial Controlled Area. Intelligence also reported that the Terran Insurgents had begun staging to attempt a rescue mission of the detainees from DS78.

Due to the delayed response by the Terran Insurgency the TSN Oshawa attended directly to the investigation at DS78. An away team was sent aboard to investigate the detained refugees and the credentials that were provided by the asylum seekers. Of the 140 refugees, only 30 of them were detained. It was determined that they were detained with sufficient cause as stipulated by Martial Law. With this determined TSN Regional Command Ops requested ordered the TSN Oshawa to clear the sector of Terran Insurgents so that two transports could be dispatched to DS78 to pickup the detainees. As well as to provide DS78 with more security on board to quell the civil unrest.

After receiving supplies TSN Oshawa was placed on Red Alert and transitioned to a combat posture. We engaged four distinct groups of Terran Insurgents. In each engagement we made sure to uphold the new standing orders in the Martial Controlled Area, of ensuring minimal loss of life, seeking to disable ships rather than destroy them. During the four engagements it was necessary to destroy three Terran Insurgency vessels, as per the standing orders and in line with General Order 33. All three ships that were destroyed refused to answer hails and persisted in combat after systems had been disabled. They maintained their belligerence by repairing systems and continuing aggressive actions. This was the determining factor of the risk assessment, that ultimately lead to me giving the order to destroy the vessels.

Yet again I must consider the path that this is putting us on, we still wait for the USFP to begin a dialogue with the Terran Insurgency, as it is becoming apparent that they will not yield to overwhelming firepower. We have noticed that some Terran Insurgency vessels are standing down now that Martial Law has crippled portions of their supply chains. However, there are still those that are fighting to the last man. It concerns me that if we are not vigilant, more and more Terran Insurgency vessels with take this option as the only option.

In Omnia Paratus - Ready For All Things

Capt. Tyler DeNobrega
Commanding Officer
TSN Oshawa
3rd Light Division
Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet
United Space Faring Planets
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