Investigate singularities


Your orders are to investigate and report back any unusual findings. Sensor array data from one of our deep space station are showing off the chart readings from singularities in a particular region of space. Coordinates will be transmitted before the start of your crew's duty shift.

There are mining stations at these coordinates. They have reported a lot of small pirate vessels in the area too, however they appear to be non hostile and to be conducting their own salvage missions on wrecks.

09 June 2018
TSN Hopper
First Officer’s Report

The crew of the TSN Hopper received orders to investigate unusual sensory array data. Following standard orders, we also were to destroy derelict vessels and retrieve dead beacons.

We explored sector 295917.09072018 of the Euphini Expanse. Our sensors only worked at a range of 33 km. Probes assisted with scanning the sector. Two abandoned beacons in the alpha regions of the sector were retrieved.

Our sensor data indicated a dense asteroid wall in the lower part of the sector. The Hopper had limited ability to maneuver around the asteroids in the wall, though it was possible with careful flying to slip through. Lt. Longstaff flew a shuttle into the densest part of the wall to provide more information about the wall. Lt. Longstaff was able to destroy two abandoned ships, and the Hopper destroyed a third by firing a nuke into the wall. The derelict ships destroyed were the TSN Hera, ISN Oblivion, and Excalibur. Our science office recommends further investigation of the asteroid wall.

We encountered several insurgent Kralien ships (a battleship and two dreadnoughts) that were looking for Capt. Tyler DeNobrega of the TSN Oshawa. We received surrenders from these ships and instructed them to report to the nearest TSN space station.

Unfortunately one mining station (#31) has been lost. We were protecting another station at the same time and unable to assist.

In better news, I am happy to pass along the great pleasure the dam con crew members have expressed in the upgraded espresso and coffee machines. Efficiency and morale have increased.

Finally, extra simulation training has been assigned to the helm officer. While commended for careful flying around the asteroid wall, the helms officer did fail to keep a safe distance from black holes in training exercises. A few extra hours of training would benefit his performance.

Bridge crew
Captain: Cdr. Katy Fulfer
Helm: Cmdre. David Trinh
Engineering: A/Slt. Robin Baksh
Weapons: Cmdr. A/Slt. Greg Linforth
Science: Recruit Heather
Communications: Lt. Jordan Longstaff
Shuttle pilot: Lt. Jordan Longstaff

Crew Members

Crew Member Lily Lavoie
Crew Member Ellie Fortin
Crew Member Marley Chan
Crew Member Marcus Chan
Crew Member Felix Roy
Crew Member Cohen Wilson
Crew Member Bentley Bélanger
Crew Member Michael Bélanger
Crew Member Edward Cote
Crew Member Sophie Anderson
Crew Member James Williams
Crew Member Maya Paquette
Crew Member Isaac Fortin
Crew Member Selena Wilson
Crew Member Jack Morin
Crew Member Alyson Campbell
Crew Member Violet Lee
Crew Member Simon Lavoie
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