Confirm wall of asteroids


Your orders are to survey and confirm reports of any asteroid walls in Euphini Sector 212011.04062018.

Standing orders by collecting all the dead beacons, destroying the derelicts and optionally detonating any unused mines are still in effect.

04 June 2018
TSN Hopper
First Officer’s Report

The crew of the TSN Hopper received orders to confirm the location of an asteroid wall in the Euphini Expanse, Sector 212011.04062018. We were to destroy derelict vessels and retrieve dead beacons.

The asteroid wall is confirmed. On the sector 212011.04062018 star chart, the asteroid belt is mainly located in quadrant D3 [Mark 3, 6, 9], and slightly extended up into quadrant C3 [Mark 9] down into E3 [Mark 3].

Our sensors only worked at a range of 33 km. Probes assisted with scanning the sector. Although there was an indication from TSN Command that we should have found dead beacons, none were recovered. Our science team suspects that any dead beacons were pulled into black holes.

The wreckage of the ISN Vulture was successfully destroyed. I would like to note for the record the superb work of our Weapons and Helm Officers. Neither the Science Officer nor the Captain were able to see the derelict with their scanning capacities.

Early in the mission, we encountered some Kraliens. When we engaged the Kraliens in battle, our weapons seemed to be working at suboptimal efficiency, and we attracted biomechs and insects. We avoided engaging enemy craft after that initial experience. Upon further inspection our weapons were functioning, although we only managed to achieve 47% of shield capacity. In contrast, the enemies shields were operating at 288% and the weapon power at 249%.

Engineering continues to experience difficulties due to malfunctioning espresso machines, bussard collectors, lavatories, infusion p-coils, primary and secondary phase couplers, R2 units, and lateral arrays that were misconfigured multiple times. Given the misconfiguring of the lateral arrays, I recommend additional training for engineering recruits at our next station docking. See the appendix with respect to the malfunctioning espresso machines. On a positive note, I am pleased to report that the retrofit of the TSN Hopper with the Toughbooks was deemed a success. Technicians continue to update the Toughbooks to ensure optimal functionality with the touch screen interface.

Bridge crew
Captain: Cdr. Katy Fulfer
First Officer: Capt. Amanda Vanderzanden
Helm: A/Slt. Robin Baksh
Engineering: Lt. Nick Waterman
Weapons: Cmdr. A/Slt. Greg Linforth
Science: Recruit Akenaz D.
Communications: NCdt. Kathryn Waterman
Shuttle pilot: NCdt. Aiden Waterman

Appendix: Petition

We, the undersigned who are assigned to damage control in the Engineering department, hereby reiterate our demand that Fleet Command make necessary upgrades to espresso machines across the fleet. Whatever improvements were made during the recent retrofit of the TSN Hopper failed to ensure efficient caffeine delivery. As we raised in our prior petition, coffee is an essential component of crew health, safety, and, we would add, to morale. We (again) request that Fleet Command incorporate coffee deprivation training in the TSN Academy survival training.

Crew Member Layla Tremblay
Crew Member Carter Jones
Crew Member Rebekah Roy
Crew Member Ezra Anderson
Crew Member Annie BĂ©langer
Crew Member Ellie Bergeron
Crew Member Jacob Anderson
Crew Member Alexis Gagnon
Crew Member Sarah Paquette
Crew Member Harrison Thompson
Crew Member Daniel Brown
Crew Member Isaac Wong
Crew Member Alyson Tremblay
Crew Member Sadie Lavoie
Crew Member Lucas Smith
Crew Member Amelia Lee
Crew Member James Taylor
Crew Member Ty Boucher
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