Defend the Deep Space Stations

Your orders are to defend the deep space stations from insurgents operating refitted Kralien vessels. It should be noted that Torgoths and Arvonians have appeared on long range sensors too.

TSN Intelligence reports have identified the insurgents are among a group who are known as GenU. A social and existential phenomenon that has resulted due to the rapid advancement of technology and government over the last century.

Additional research and history that has led to this social issue.

The GenU are citizens of USFP who's ideologies and lifestyles do not support Universal Basic Needs, health care and a no money economy. The members of the insurgents are highly trained and educated, they have spent their lifetime pursuing and engaging in purposeful activities using 4D hologram simulators.

Also known as the Useless class, they perceived themselves as unemployable when the worlds moved away from a capitalist system, and began uniting with other planets. They are fighting back against USFP, to win their rights of ownership to property and material things through force rather than diplomacy. This is their declared purpose in life.

Identifying any leaders has been unsuccessful as this has almost become a religious pursuit. They continue to strike outposts and Deep Space stations on a regular basis.

Historical Notes:
Most jobs disappeared shortly after the global introduction of materialization and renewable energy technology. Economy and all basic human needs were met and exceeded, and people found themselves made redundant by artificial intelligence.

A new class of people emerged -- the useless class. People who are not just unemployed, but unemployable.

The USFP government have been creating programs to keep the masses occupied and content. People must engage in purposeful activities, or they go crazy. So what will the useless class do all day? First, the 20th century data network called the "Internet" worked for several decades. Commerce was the main driving force behind the success of this system. As 3D virtual reality and then 4D fully immersive virtual world technology became available, people remained in their homes connected and finding meaning to their lives. There was a spike in 4D augmented reality, however it was rejected by society due to a movement of highly dedicated Pokeman players. The participant of that group of users alleged the discovery of TSN's section 31 to gain intelligence on citizens. The 4D augmented reality was soon dismantled by USFP. That was when 4D fully immersive virtual world became a standard way of life.

It is universally accepted, the meaning we ascribe to what we see is generated by our own minds. It is not really "out there". To the best of our scientific knowledge, human life has no meaning. The meaning of life is always a fictional story created by us humans.

In all cultures and eras including ours, past and into the future, humans have found a lot of interest and meaning in life even without working. We choose to work, to discover the potential to make yourself a better person. And that is what it is to be human. To make yourself more than you are.

TSN Oshawa
Captain's Log
06 May 18

We received orders from TSN Command to defend DS1 and DS2 from Terran Insurgent incursion in the sector. Intelligence reported that there was increased activity in the area. As well as the fact that it appears the Terran Insurgency has now gained possession of Torgoth and Arvonian technology and ships in addition to the Karlien and Skaraan ships that we have reported back to Intelligence.

I am pleased that Intelligence has finally been able to provide intel on the motives of the Terran Insurgency, it appears that we are facing a growing cult like movement that is centered around GenU or "The Useless Class". A subset of citizens that do not support the core philosophies of the USFP, universal basic needs, health care and a no money economy. This class of citizens see themselves as unemployable and appear to be fighting back against the USFP to regain their rights to ownership of property and material things. Of deep concern is the development of what appears to be the early stages of a GenU Paramilitary Force. In our previous encounters the technology and ships they have stolen are becoming a greater and greater challenge to deal with as their numbers keep increasing.

TSN Oshawa was placed on standing Red Alert and readied in a full battle stance in anticipation of large Terran Insurgency strike force that was detected on long range sensors. As is becoming a standard operating procedure when dealing with the Insurgency I gave the order to destroy all insurgency vessels during the defense of the stations. We must continue to deplete their gained assets as quickly as possible to prevent a large force from building up and possibly overrunning a TSN Installations. The Terran Insurgents came in three waves of ships, their numbers were once again increased from previous engagements. Their tactics are also improving, attacking on multiple fronts. This simply denotes the urgency of the situation at hand, we must take actions to deal with this imminently.

The outer regions of USFP space are no longer safe for civilian starships without a TSN escort. The Terran Insurgency is developing into a major threat to USFP and TSN Installations. I have formally requested that Martial Law be declared in this region. I can only hope that TSN Command shares my concerns based on these developments.

In Omnia Paratus - Ready For All Things

Cdr. Tyler DeNobrega
Commanding Officer
TSN Oshawa
3rd Light Division
Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet
United Space Faring Planets
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