Extraction of USFP Scientists

Your orders are to evacuate USFP scientists off of a Torgoth base.

There was an agreement to have USFP scientists help the Torgoth's science team with treating a localized virus on board their station. Reports of personnel tensions are getting high on the station, the scientists are to be extracted and returned safely to a transport ship. A cure has been successfully synthesized and is showing positive effects on Torgoth physiology.

Intelligence has also noted that Terran Insurgents, using Kralien vessels have been ordered to intercept and prevent TSN and USFP from assisting the Torgoths any further.

USFP Scientists:
Dr. Hannah Richards
Dr. Jeremy Duncan
Daniel Beck
Grace Lopez
José Miguel Díaz

TSN Oshawa
Captain's Log
22 Apr 18

We received orders from TSN Command to execute an emergency extraction of USFP scientists from a Torgoth Science installation. Where USFP scientists had been working jointly with Torgoth scientists to try and develop a cure for a localized virus. From reports it appeared that an extraction became necessary due to increased tension between the USFP and Torgoth, which caused the join agreement to break down.

Intelligence reported that Terran Insurgent activity was very high in the area and that the Terran Insurgents were planning to run interference on our extraction mission. This was a curious piece of intelligence, as it brings further into question the motives of the Terran Insurgency. The USFP has been long looking for ways to smooth relations with the Torgoth, a means of protecting its member planets from unprovoked attacks. Which would help to alleviate some of the strain the Terran Stellar Navy. How this could be a threat to the Terran Insurgents is unknown.

Given the intelligence reports, the TSN Oshawa was place on standing Red Alert, which is becoming far too common a requirement for TSN starships in the outer regions of USFP Space. After arriving at the rendezvous point with USFP Kobayashi, we were briefed on the location of the Torgoth Science installation locations. As a precaution we began long range sensor sweeps and launched four probes in the direction of the two Torgoth Science installations. At both locations a heavy contingent of Terran Insurgents were discovered within close proximity of the Science installations. This was by far the largest grouping of Terran Insurgents we had come across. Even more deeply concerning was the presence of Skaraan ships in the Terran Insurgency formations. My mind flashed to the piece of propaganda that was found in our brig, the mention of a general uprising within the USFP. The presence of Skaraan technology in the hands of the Terran Insurgency makes that a extreme threat.

With the presence of the Skaraan technology in the formations, TSN Oshawa changed its stance from a stealth extraction to a heavy ordinance assault. Once again I was forced to give the order to destroy all Terran Insurgency vessels, the increased access to the powerful weaponry is being to challenge TSN Starships. Allowing these vessels to remain salvageable in any way poses a direct threat to the USFP and the Terran Stellar Navy. In good conscience I cannot allow officer's lives to be lost because we did not neutralize the threat when we had the opportunity to do so. We made a preemptive strike on the Terran Insurgent positions to gain the upper hand and to minimize the time available for them to turn on the Science installations and threaten the lives of the USFP Scientists. We were successful in permanently neutralizing all Terran Insurgent vessels. We quickly made the extractions and rendezvoused with the USFP Kobayashi to transfer the personnel.

The outer regions of USFP space are becoming a badlands where starships without significant defensive systems are in grave danger. At this point it feels as though a Civil War is imminent. It is this Commanding Officer's opinion that Martial Law should be declared in the outer regions of USFP space so that the Terran Stellar Navy can provide better support to the Member Planets and protect the shipping routes that heavily drive the economy in this region.

In Omnia Paratus - Ready For All Things
Cdr. Tyler DeNobrega
Commanding Officer
TSN Oshawa
3rd Light Division
Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet
United Space Faring Planets
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