Property retrieval and detonate unused mines

Your orders are to assist in the clean up efforts by collecting all the dead beacons, destroying the derelicts and detonating any unused mines.

Your crew is currently enroute to the Euphini Expanse. Be sure to report the sector ID back in your log. You have 60 minutes to complete the mission, as sensors are only available at 8K range.

Additional Notes:
Temporary mandatory slowdown for civilian vessels for any Light Cruiser class and larger in the following systems:

Danae System
Euphini Expanse
Waypoint 60

TSN Scouts are to enforce a speed restriction on any reported vessels larger than a Light Cruiser class.

Captains of vessels larger than a scout class are to use their descretion when traveling through the noted systems.

Tactical officers should consider using the repel feature in the ordnance than the attract when interacting with space whales. It is recommended to send shuttles out when possible to retrieve unused beacons, or as they appear on long range sensors during patrol missions.

Preliminary necropsy reports on some of the deaths suggest ship and probe strikes and beacon entanglement are possible causes.

More details can be found at

07 May 2018
TSN Hopper
First Officer's Report

The crew of the Hopper were tasked with a retrieval mission to help prevent further whale deaths during their migration from the Danae System to the Euphini Expanse. We were to pick up dead beacons, detonate mines, and clear wreckage of derelict TSN ships.

Our first retrieval run was in sector 290518.07052018. We cleared a total of 8 pieces of debris. This run provided good training for our newly commissioned officers, A/SLt. Greg Linforth on weapons and A/SLt. Robin Baksh in Engineering. The mission provided good training for myself as well, since I am relatively new to command.

We experienced a high number of ships malfunctions within the Euphini Expanse. Amongst the systems that failed and caused problems in Engineering were the primary phase couplers, the bussard collectors, the lavatories, and the espresso machine.

I would like to stress to Fleet Command that a functioning espresso machine is essential to optimal crew functioning. I received a petition from DamCon crew members, which is attached here, requesting that a functioning espresso machine be a basic feature of TSN working conditions and that the lack of one severely impedes their ability to do their work. They request that coffee deprivation be added to survival training at the Academy.

I also halted research on the improbability drive while we were in the Euphini Expanse to prevent dangerous malfunctions.

On our second run in sector 165819.07051018, we spawned in the gravity well of a black hole. Cmdre. Trinh was able to efficiently move us away from the black hole, but we attracted the attention of a bio mech. Despite attempts to outrun the bio mech, we eventually had to engage it in battle and destroyed 4 bio mechs early on in our mission. After that, the rest of our mission proceeded fairly quietly. We destroyed 3 Kralien ships and 5 pirate ships in addition to clearing debris.

We utilized pairs of pilots to help clear debris, sending out a shuttle and a bomber in pairs so that anomalies could be collected, but that shuttles would not be put in undue danger. This method worked well.

Unexplained lavatory malfunctions continued to plague engineering and the ship. One might say the smell was the most serious threat to this mission. I lifted the Hopper's scent-free policy during this mission.

Cdr. Katy Fulfer

Crew list:
Captain: Cdr. Katy Fulfer
Helm: Cmdr. Dave Trinh
Engineering: A/Slt. Robin Baksh
Weapons/Communication: A/SLt. Greg Linforth
Science/Fighter pilot: Lt. Jordan Longstaff
Fighter pilots:
  • Lt. Nick Waterman
  • NCdt. Aiden Waterman
  • NCdt. Mark Waterman

Appendix: Petition

We hereby demand that Fleet Command make necessary upgrades to espresso machines across the fleet. This is a health and safety matter of upmost concern. Coffee deprivation training should be a standard part of Academy survival training.

Crew Member Madison Lavoie
Crew Member Kai Johnson
Crew Member Clark Bouchard
Crew Member Seth Williams
Crew Member Brooklyn Lavoie
Crew Member Evan Williams
Crew Member Seth Bergeron
Crew Member Charles Fortin
Crew Member Alexander Chan
Crew Member Alexis Li
Crew Member Tanner Gagné
Crew Member Tristan Wilson
Crew Member Drew Lam
Crew Member Felix Li
Crew Member Cash Lavoie
Crew Member Benjamin Jones
Crew Member Luke Gauthier
Crew Member Charles Li

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