Transport Detained Civilians

Your orders are to deliver under high security, detained civilians from DS3 to Transport vessel en-route to the sector. Ensure the detainees leave the sector alive on that transport vessel.

Several USFP civilian contractors have been observed by senior officers to be acting contemptuously, this ongoing issue began when the installation and configuration of the computer cores arrived. An internal investigation has given officers on-board DS3 reasons to detain 25 civilian contractors for sabotage.

It is suspected these contractors are part of the uprising Terran insurgents, who are sabotaging the installation process of the computer cores. Once the civilians are successfully transferred aboard the transport's brig, they will be delivered to Promethean Command to await charges. Intelligence reports insurgents are mounting a rescue mission for these detained civilians using Kralien vessels, it is advise your crew be on alert.

General Order 34 states, "All TSN personnel and/or USFP civilian contractors shall follow a superior’s order to the best of their ability, unless said orders should conflict with the regulation laid out in these orders..."

Detained Passenger Manifest:
  • Héctor Delgado
  • Διαγόρας Αντωνιάδης
  • Anatolie Nottara
  • Baranyi Hanna
  • Eduardo Rodríguez
  • Aline Dubois
  • Bruno Straka
  • Dana Bărlâdeanu
  • Csalogány Pongrác
  • Simon Jacobs
  • 熊 民
  • James Bélanger
  • Samantha Glashan
  • Felix Moscopol
  • Nazım Göz
  • Ασκάλαφος Αλεξάκης
  • Chiranjibi Ahmed
  • Mathéo Leger
  • 山本 愛
  • Cătălina Văsescu
  • Juhász Kornél
  • Amalia Brâncoveanu
  • Aida Tudose
  • Claudiu Hodoș
  • Nicoară Barbu

TSN Oshawa
Captain's Log
18 Mar 18

We received orders from TSN Command to provide high security transport of civilian detainees from DS3 to the transport vessel USFP Zhukov. After the transfer of the detainees we were order to escort the USFP Zhukov out of the sector, to prevent against a possible rescue mission by the Terran Insurgents.

Upon arriving at DS3 we received a briefing on the intelligence that was gathered through interrogation and interviews of the civilian detainees that we were ordered to transport. From the interrogations it was identified that a rescue convoy from the Terran Insurgency was already on route to the sector. At the time of leaving DS3 we were able to pick up the the Terran Insurgent's convoy on the edge of our long range sensors. As such, TSN Oshawa was placed on Red Alert with full activation of defensive systems and heavy ordnance standing by.

We were able to rendezvous with the USFP Zhukov before the the Terran Insurgent's Convoy entered the sector. The detainee transfer was completed without any issues. However, a startling discovery was made in our Brig after the detainees had been transferred. A small folded piece of paper was found strategically placed between two bulkheads. The paper appeared to be a piece of propaganda placed there to be found. The majority of the information contained was simply fear mongering, however, one critical line of the propaganda raises great concerns. The line made mention of a general uprising to be carried out across all of USFP controlled space. It did not mention when this would happen or how it would be carried out. In any case this threat needs to be taken very seriously regardless of its legitimacy.

With the detainees transferred we maintained Red Alert and began escorting the USFP Zhukov out of the sector. Short moments later the Terran Insurgent's convoy came into visual range, we made attempts to communicate with them, however our hails went unanswered. As the USFP Zhukov was under direct threat we engaged the convoy and destroyed the Insurgent ships. It appeared that the Terran Insurgency only sent one convoy to attempt a rescue mission. The USFP Zhukov was escorted out of the sector without further incident.

As this civil unrest in the USFP continues to grow, I have been troubled by the fact that we still do not know the motives behind the Terran Insurgency. Intelligence is scarce and what little that we do get tends to be incorrect or drastically underestimated. I fear that the longer we operated in the dark, the higher the chance that the Terran Stellar Navy, through its best intentions, will sow deeper seeds of discontent. Playing right into the Terran Insurgency's hand.

In Omnia Paratus - Ready For All Things

Cdr. Tyler DeNobrega
Commanding Officer
TSN Oshawa
3rd Light Division
Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet
United Space Faring Planets
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