Escort Transport Vessel

Your orders are to rendez-vous, escort and ensure safe delivery of payload. A transport vessel containing one of the several computer cores is en-route to your position. The captain of the USFP transport vessel has orders to deliver it undamaged. Escort the vessel through the sector and to DS3, they are to stay on course as per the flight path they transmit. In the event they fall off course, you are required to help direct them to their destination.

Insurgents have been spotted throughout the sector. Intelligence reports they have recruited a lot of new members across all the colonies, and the number of Kralien vessels have increased by approximately six folds from the initial reported 10 ships.
TSN Command has issued the Canadian Fleet several new computer cores due to the recent expansion of the long range communications network, also know as the Deep Space Transmitter Array Network (DSTAN). Furthermore, the current cores have been shutting down unexpectedly and intermittently. Orders will be issued shortly to rendez vous and escort these transport vessels to these outposts for delivery, installation and configuration. It is important the cores are in place and operational to avoid cascading communications failure across TSN controlled space.

TSN Oshawa
Captain's Log
18 Feb 18

We received orders from TSN Command to rendezvous, escort and protect USFP Haida, a transport vessel, which was on route to DS3, carrying a new computer core for the the Deep Space Transmitter Array Network (DSTAN). A protection order for the vessel was issued by TSN Command due to the increased presence of Terran Insurgents in the sectors surrounding DS3.

Based on intelligence gathered previously by the TSN Oshawa on the Terran Insurgents, TSN Intelligence was able to provide a better quality briefing prior to this rendezvous. Given the troubling increase in Insurgent activity in the region, TSN Oshawa was placed on Yellow Alert on route to the rendezvous point with the USFP Haida. Additional precautions were also taken to encrypt all communications to prevent USFP Haida's exact position from being given away.

After making a successful rendezvous with the USFP Haida coded flight paths were transmitted and we began our escort of the vessel to DS3. Due to the sensitive nature of the payload and as a general precaution, TSN Oshawa was placed on Red Alert, with heavy ordnance at the ready. After review of the flight path provided by the USFP Haida it was discovers that there were several groups of Terran Insurgents along our path. With a new understanding of Terran Insurgent tactics and armaments from our previous engagement with the Insurgents on 14 Jan 18, we opted for preemptive long range strikes to clear our fight path. With all preemptive strikes successful against the Terran Insurgent's positions the USFP Haida arrived at DS3 with no incident and delivered the new computer core for DSTAN.

As TSN Command and the USFP have still not provided standard operating procedures for dealing with these new heavily armed Terran Insurgents and based on the critical nature of the payload to be delivered, it was deemed necessary to destroy the Insurgent's positions. Any other course of action may have jeopardized TSN Command's Fleet Communication which is an unacceptable risk during these times of civil unrest in the USFP.

We have again seen an increase in Terran Insurgents which is deeply troubling. It is becoming more apparent that the civil unrest in the USFP is growing. The prospect of martial law being declared in the outer regions of USFP space, where we have seen six fold increases in Insurgent activity, feels like it is on the horizon.
In Omnia Paratus - Ready For All Things

Cdr. Tyler DeNobrega
Commanding Officer
TSN Oshawa
3rd Light Division
Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet
United Space Faring Planets
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