Bio-hazard Containment

Your orders are to quarantine all the space whales in the sector. In the event the epidemic spreads or cannot be contained, you are authorized to destroy all whales infected or not.

Virus responsible for killing almost 800 piranhas as part of dangerous epidemic now found in four space whale deaths.

A strand of the morbillivirus, that was eradicated in the 20th century on earth - which causes measles in terrans only - is responsible for wiping out 782 piranhas in the last 6 months, with the number expected to rise.

Four space whales have been identified to be infected with the virus as of recent. TSN scientists are scrambling to determine whether the virus killed them or if they were just carriers. Space Marine officials say nothing can be done to protect these space animals from the virus. Terran colony health officials have also noted a movement where small groups are denying any personal health care, including the vaccinations for such virus. Thus re-introducing this microorganism back into civilization.

Captain's Log:

The crew encountered the affected space whales at a far outpost of Terran space, past the Cerberus Gate. A pod of 10 whales was observed in the quadrant and was herded to the edges of Terran space using the draw of a biological beacon. While assessing their situation, several piranhas and a dragon appeared close to the infected whales. The piranhas were removed using a biological beacon set to repel piranhas and the dragon was incapacitated with a Pshock missile.

Science detected unclear readings in the vicinity of the space fauna and a singularity appeared which the piranhas entered to return home. Several of the whales were noted to direct themselves into the newly formed black hole, effectively killing themselves. The reasons were unclear but may indicate that they are more than carriers for the pathogen and may be suffering late-stage neurological effects. The gathered data was brought to DS-67 scientists investigating the whales and the outbreak of the virus who at this time were unable to find a cure. Under the advisement of Captain Petalik, Terran scientists, and Cadet de Haas, it was determined the most humane course of action was to euthanize the whales with a nuclear armament to protect the remainder of the natural fauna in the sector. The whales were contained around a biological beacon and euthanized.

It is my advisement that the area be put under biological containment until it can be assessed and cleared as free from the virus. This mission, while successful, is an endorsement for further research into the understanding and treatment of this pathogen so further tragedy and loss of life can be avoided. It should be noted to those currently investigating what has occurred here, most notably the behaviour of the infected whales - they may be more than carriers as previously thought.

On a personal note, my crew behaved admirably for this mission and did not take the gravity of our decision lightly. They noted their concerns and spoke freely on all possible avenues to take with the creatures up until the final decision presented itself.

Captain Vanderzanden
Commanding Officer, 1st Light Division

Captain Amanda Vanderzanden
Science: Cadet Holly de Haas
Engineering: Cmdre. Dave Trinh
Weapons: Cadet Robin
Helm: Captain Andrew Petalik
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