Patrol Training mission

In preparation for the upcoming deep space mission as first officer you are to complete a level 7 patrol mission in a Light Cruiser. There is no time limit to this mission. You are to patrol and defend all USFP assets in the sector from any threats. Complete any and all side missions if applicable.

Sensors to 8km
All other settings to many.

Captain's Log:


The patrol training mission was a successful excursion, 41 enemies, and 3 neutrals where either destroyed or routed with 4 friendly ship casualties. Though a peaceful beginning during our patrol with no known hostile contacts we began seeing a front forming near DS2 in and around grid D4 mark 1, this is where we engaged all hostile combatants. Enemies where primarily dealt with by using both delta and, echo maneuvers.

The total time of the mission was 30 minutes in this time we began tests of our new bridge monitoring equipment, all went well.

I would like to congratulate my crew on their quick thinking in helping save all space stations.

Cdr. Eric Varga
Second Officer
TSN Hamilton
2nd Light Division
Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet
United Space Faring Planets


Captain: Cdr. Eric Varga
Helm: Cdr. Sebastian Mouriopoulos
Weapons: Capt. John Scales
Science: LtCdr. Trish Gould
Comms: LtCdr. Trish Gould
Engineering: Lt. Brandon Foley

It should be noted that Captain John Scales issued the order and not the Admiral.
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