Terran Insurgents

Your orders are to patrol the sector, notify and defend any USFP or TSN property, capture insurgents and transport them to any Deep Space station, this peace time mission is scheduled to run for 30 minutes.

Using your battleship, engage in a quadrant by quadrant patrol. There is civil unrest within USFP space where Terran insurgents are protesting by attacking TSN military installations and USFP outposts using abandoned Kralien vessels they have found in space. Although the vessels lack in any heavy armament, they are equipped with home made phasers and drones. It is recommended you take their shields down and beam the Terran insurgents straight to your brig. TSN has no use for the Kralien vessels they have modified, you have clearance to destroy them once the captive's are safe. Once the sector is neutralized, transport the captured insurgents to a Deep Space station.

TSN Oshawa
Captain's Log
14 Jan 18

We received orders from TSN Command to patrol the sector as there have been increased incidents of Terran Insurgents attacking USFP Outposts and TSN Military Installations. In the TSN Command Briefing it was reported that the Terran Insurgents had obtained abandoned Kralien vessels, which they had retrofitted with home made phasers and drones. The report indicated that these vessels lacked any heavy armaments. As such, we were to disable Insurgents' shields, beam them to the brig, and transport them to the nearest Deep Space Station. While destroying any vessels once cleared of personnel, to prevent them from being utilized further by other Insurgents.

Due to the nature of our orders I placed the ship on Yellow Alert as we began our patrol of the sector. We made our first contact with Insurgents in Charlie 5 mark 6. We immediately came under heavy fire from multiple vessels. It was apparent that the intelligence reports from TSN Command were vastly incorrect, the Insurgents had managed to obtain multiple fully armed Kralien vessels. Repeated attempts were made at hailing the vessels and ordering them to stand down, along with numerous warning shots, however this provided no results, leading only to increased fire upon us. With the concurrence of my First Officer the ultimate decision was made to deem them enemy combatants. We responded with Omega and Delta maneuvers destroying all enemy vessels.

This new development in the current civil unrest within the USFP is extremely troubling. Full armed Insurgents is a much greater threat to TSN Military Installations and the USFP as a whole. Also troubling is the inaccuracy of the intelligence that we received from TSN Command. Had one of our Scout Class ships been sent to patrol this area based on this intelligence, I fear the ship would have surly been lost.

After the encounter we completed our patrol of the rest of the sector without further incident. I commend my crew for responding quickly to the unanticipated situation.

In Omnia Paratus - Ready For All Things

Cdr. Tyler DeNobrega
Commanding Officer
TSN Oshawa
3rd Light Division
Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet
United Space Faring Planets

Command's Notes:

It has been noted by Commander Tyler DeNobrega's log in Order 12. The TSN Oshawa have encountered fully armed Kralien vessels operated by Terran Insurgents in USFP space. The USFP council have been notified and we expect to have more specific orders on how to proceed with handling our internal threats in the next few weeks. Intelligence has been notified of the inaccuracy of their findings with respect to the findings of "home made" armaments by the insurgents.
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