Combat drill "Lucky Seven"

Your orders are to complete combat drill "Lucky Seven".

In preparation for your deep space mission. Standard combat simulation requires your crew to complete with success. The Lucky Seven test requires you to complete a single front combat mission, level 7, in 60 minutes or less using a Scout vessel only. All configurations of the combat simulation can be set to many, with default sensor range and no modifications to both enemy and player's vessel.

Captain's Log:

The lucky seven combat drill was a complete success. All enemies destroyed and completed within 37 min. There were six main groups of enemies. The three larger enemy groups were destroyed using taunting and mine fields. The three smaller enemy groups were destroyed using a combination of EMP's, Echo 1 runs, and Delta 2 maneuvers. With one Torgoth Goliath giving us a difficult time. A secret code case was used to defeat the Goliath. While 2 enemy groups and a pack of piranhas did attack both DS1 and DS2 we did not lose any stations. Although we did lose all friendly combat ready ships.

The crews performance was nothing short of amazing. They all responded perfectly and communication was spot on. I can not put into words how proud I am of how well the crew did. We all have made such a huge improvement in such a short time.

Capt. John Scales
Commanding Officer
TSN Hamilton
2nd Light Division
Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet
United Space Faring Planets

Captain: Capt. John Scales
Helm: LtCdr. Daniel Randal
Weapons: Cdr. Sebastian Mouriopoulos
Science: A/SLt. Donna Moreau
Comms: Lt. Brandon Foley
Engineering: LtCdr. Trish Gould
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