Supply and Retrofit TSN Vessels

Supplies and upgrades to vessels and Deep Space stations are performed on a regular basis. Several runs between USFP and TSN vessels, and Deep Space Stations will be transmitted to your communications officer while on your duty shift. Your crew may be carrying aboard supplies or remain dock while the vessel is upgraded.

Today's schedule includes the following:

1. Download and transfer an entire data store. Do not transmit this information wireless as it contains intelligence.
2. Retro fit to increase your vessel's shield capacity.
3. Transfer equipment to Deep Space facilities so their teams can build ordnance faster.

Additional Operation Notes:
  • Rendez-vous with a ship is simple; you simply move within about 500 meters of it.
  • It is advisable your communication officer hails all vessels you come in contact with, Pirates have been known to take over vessels.

Commander's Log:

Our primary mission was to supply and retrofit our ship. We were to transfer a data store from one deep space station and deliver it to another. Wireless communications were to be avoided to prevent sensitive intelligence from being leaked. We were able to retrofit our vessel to enhance shield capacity, and transfer equipment between deep space stations so they could optimize building capacity.

In addition to our main mission we successfully negotiated for control of a hostage USFP vessel to be returned to her crew.

Communication between crew members was strong tonight. Bridge officers clearly communicated what they needed from fellow officers, who responded promptly. Mentoring was provided as needed when an officer was unsure how to proceed with a task.

Cmdr. Katy Fulfer
Commanding Officer
TSN Hopper
1st Light Division
Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet
United Space Faring Planets

Captain: Cmdr. Katy Fulfer
First Officer/Science: Lt. Nick Waterman
Helm: Cmdre. Dave Trinh
Communications: Lt. Jordan Longstaff
Weapons: Cdt. Aiden Waterman
Engineering: Cdt. Mark Waterman
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